Reading 1-“Digital Art-A short history of technology and art”

The part called “A short history of technology and art” from the book “Digital Art” is a wonderful brief of digital history, depicting the history from 1945 to present.

The writer summaries the important artists, the crucial event or exhibition, the huge transformation of technology, the significant invention which are influence to digital artwork and artists.

I think it is very useful for us to understand the background and the evolution of digital art.

I have two questions from two impressed part of article. The article mentioned Marcel Duchamp, Nam June Paik and other ancestor artists of digital field. My question is What’s most aspect of their work influence the digital artwork until now?(the from, the logic or the concept, or some kind of stable artistic language, and for example).

In the end of chapter, the writer talks about the issues of how to collection and preserving a digital artwork. He analysis a lot of unstable issues which directly generate the problems, such as the transform of technology, the abandon of specific hardware and software. My question is based on this question, there have some solutions to practice on collection and preserve now? Because the digital artwork also need a home in museum or gallery like painting and sculpture. It is a big issue which refers to the development of digital art and artists.

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