Reading 2 (Shanken): Kraftwerk’s Original 3-D Animator, Rebecca Allen


Rebecca Allen is an international artist inspired by a variety of media to create work from 3-D computer graphics, animation, music videos, video games, performance works, artificial life systems, multisensory interfaces, interactive installations, virtual and mixed reality.( One of her important achievement is she designed the original 3-D characters in animation and music video for avant-garde German band Kraftwerk.

Allen’s work is acknowledged for its unique aesthetic from both fine art institutions and popular culture venues. She is the pioneer of computer art, she work connect with electronic music culture and collapse the boundary between art, pop culture and entertainment event. Her work not only had exhibited in museum and art galleries internationally, but also was seen by millions on mass media such as television channels MTV and so on, “gaining substantial recognition with both artistic and popular audiences.”(89. Art and Electronic Media)

Her work “Musique Non-Stop” created in 1986 is notable. When Kraftwerk needed a video to match its electronic music nearly three decades ago, the band

turned to Rebecca Allen. Allen was the creative genius at the helm for 1986′s “Musique Non Stop,” one of the earliest examples of rendered 3-D graphics in a music video. Rebecca Allen used state-of-the-art facial animation software developed by the Institute of Technology in New York. The slow rate of the album’s progress, combined with rapid changes in software animation, meant that Allen had to archive the animation. In 1986, she travel to New York to edit the images to the final version of “Musique Non-Stop”.


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