Reflection of the sentences to conceptual art

These sentences are sort of some philosophy sentences and discussed about art from philosophy or more profound level. They remind me some basic question such as “what is the art?” “Art for whom?”.

Actually, it is kind of abstract, like a conversion inside artist themselves. Although these sentences are ideas for conceptual art, but I think it is also can be put in a more wild art world. In general, art always start from a concept whatever its final form.

I choose some quotes which inspired me and impressed me a lot. I written comments of my personal understanding below these.

-“A work of art may be understood as a conductor from the artist’s mind to the viewer’s. But it may never reach the viewer, or it may never leave the artist’s mind.”

Audiences can understand by their own experience, but they can go inside artists’ mind. The artwork in artist’s mind will be the unique one.

-Since no form is intrinsically superior to another, the artist may use any form, from an expression of words (written or spoken) to physical reality, equally.

If words are used, and they proceed from ideas about art, then they are art and not literature; numbers are not mathematics.

This is why Duchamp always used found objects as a carrier and media to convey his thinking.

Sometimes artwork is defined just because they are putted in a specific context. Sometimes, in some extent, some common objects which be putted in a special environment are looks wired and funny, provoking thinking of people. For example, in my apartment, a honey is be wrapped, because it is used to lure cockroaches not for eating. We put it in a dark corner in cabinet,as if it is a bottle of dangerous poison not sweet honey.


-Perception is subjective.

Wittgenstein said that anyone’s experience is not engraved, everyone in the world is not the same.

-Once the idea of the piece is established in the artist’s mind and the final form is decided, the process is carried out blindly.

Creative processing is a complicated experience like adventure,  even the artist cannot imagine. In my opinion, the creative process is the art itself. In the processing of creation, there would be some unbelievable things happen.

-These sentences comment on art, but are not art.

It is a too “DADA” sentence. Art is like sort of a trick, kind of cynicism. Art is not a game with literal meaning. It based on human’s experience and the nature which is the fun and sustained artistic point.


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