According to Chapter: Charged Environments in Art and Electronic Media, I would like to talk about the artist Ulf Langheinrich and his collaborated work”Granular Synthesis-Modell 5″ with Kurt Hentschlaeger.



The four screen video installation impressed me a lot. Firstly, it is quite powerful, and give us visual stimulation. When we watch it in front of the video installation, the size as big as a wall, and magnify the expressions of performer, we can imagine we actually are surrounded by a overwheiming visual language and context. Secondly, Ulf used the sound design technique called “Granular Synthesis”. It is a new tech in 1990s. It could be a avant-grade audiovisual work in that time. I have been Ulf’s workshop which focus on sound design. He said, in his work, like Modell 5, he payed more attention to make the synchronicity between sound and visual. It is very important and strong concept of his work. Based on the synchronicity, audience can generate a sense of disorder about time and experience a complex psychological perception. Ulf used the performer’s expression to control the influence for audience’s reaction.

-Ulf in Workshop


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