W7-Reading: Bodies, Surrogates and Emergent Systems

In this part, author introduces a lots of artwork that related to robotic surrogates, artificial intelligence, cybernetics and so on. Robotic appeared in 1960-1970, artists sensitively used robotic/cybernetics hybrids as their creative media. Gradually,robotic becomes the intelligent agents of artwork and convert the identity of real life in virtual space.

In another book “Context Providers”(by Margot Lovejoy), the “intelligent agents” is also mentioned many times, because it is a significant strategy for artist which involves the body and electronic technology, and convey the relationship between man and machine, virtual space and real life. The “agents” whatever it is “robotic” or “second life” in virtual space, such as online game and cyber space, it is looked as a entrance to real life through a “third” prospective, because in many cases, artist like using camera or surveillance to capture the surrounding phenomenon.

“Artists have attempted to bridge the apparent divide between carbon-based organisms and silicon forms of intelligence and life, between the real and the artificial, suggesting that these distinctions are becoming increasingly blurry and permeable.”(p.38)

Nam June Paik is the pioneer of robotic artwork. He created one of the first art robots called “Robot K456” with 20-Channel Radio Control which connect the real information and the robotic system. Paik’s famous work called TV Cello, he collaborate with Charlotte Moorman who is a cellist, Moorman’s cello was wired to the electronic bra so that she was able to perform the video images emanating from her chest. Paik have a high level and deep comprehension of visual, music and body language. He also attempt a lot of his experimental artwork conveying the relationship between man and machine.


Secondly, this part also remind me the online virtual world “Second Life”. “Second Life is a 3D world where everyone you see is a real person and every place you visit is built by people just like you.”(second life.com) It is kind of a new social media, providing a new virtual society and new identity for individuals.

屏幕快照 2013-10-11 下午3.21.46

Another, as the development of robots, more and more artist start to create the mechanical artwork, which combine the artistic beauty and extremely complicated mechanic technology. For example, U-Ram Choe is outstanding digital installation artist and created a lot of fabulous installation represent the beauty of mechanic and art, run by electronic system.

屏幕快照 2013-10-11 下午3.21.23


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