Reading:“Sherry Turkle’s book, Alone Together”Chapter2&4

In Sherry Turkle’s book- Along Together Chapter2, author used Furbies as an example to convey the reflection emotion of human. Furbies always like a pet , whatever it made of steel of fur, it can be a real pet or baby. They need care and “always on”. “We use the ambiguity of this new object to challenge our understanding of what they think what we already know.” It remind me a recent film called “Ted Bear”, in this film, the ted bear is a real man who can understand everything and help the man deal with his personal life issue. It can be a metaphor. In the other hand, It could just the imagination from people.

In Chapter 4, it began with the AIBO project of an artist, It is called “My Real Baby” actually is a robot. However, it can arouse the real emotion of people, for example, a woman who like it very much because she thing her love for the “baby” is can be shaped. Moreover, they talked about the artificial intelligence. From a PIXAR animation called “Wall-E”, the robotic love story is romantic and emotional. As we know, human try to trust to each other will take a long time to construct, but it is more simply for trusting a robot which just be programed by a commend. 

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