Week 8-Questions about “You are Cyborg”

Actually,I really can’t totally understand this article. I know it is about the cybernetics,philosophy and human perception. Deeply, It explored more about the subtle relationship between science, technology, society and human. 

I found some interesting points, it could be some questions and concerns in my mind. 

1. Is there have some real emotion or subtle feeling between man and machine,especially a cyborg? Such as Donna Haraway, she live on her machine, I think she might be have different emotion with that.

2. Deeply to explore science, philosophy or art, it can be the same thing? Because eventually every field will be combined human’s emotion and the relationship between real world and virtual space. 

3.Actually, the development of science is connect with history and society background. For example, in this article, the author mentioned “cold war” many times, this historical event is influencial for science as well as culture.



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