Week 10 Reading:”Networks, surveillance, culture jamming”

As the introduction part of this chapter, after 1960s, more and more artists start to explore the boundary between virtual and reality, and concern some subtle and interesting changes of people’s daily life and society’s development. They try to use high-tech, such as telecommunication tools, satellite transmission, computer network and surveillance to trace the clue and transform these information to a new context for “decentralized, collaborative and distributed production of meaning.”


Recently, there have a very popular topic which is “Big Data”. Actually, artists began to discuss this topic from 1960s or earlier. We went to “Informative society” following the development of internet and social media. Engineers, artists, and almost everyone receive a lot of information and deal with them quickly. 

Hans Haacke is an influential artist and still active in art field now, his work always are exhibited in MOMA, Whitney and Gallery like Paula Cooper Gallery. One of his work called “News” created by him in 1969. He use teletype machines, paper and real-time system to make an installation which can print out local, national and international news in real time. That’s really in the lead technology as well as concept in that time. This piece remind audience to rethink this news(information) in a new way, and show to us the speed of upgrading concretely which make people might be need to rethink if our news are real and if all of these information are already over-weight for us. 

Haacke felt that “Artist must respond systematically to contemporary social issues and its wide range of informational contexts. ” He said “An artist is not an isolated system, they have to continuously interact with the world around them.”

I think Haacke remind artist to rethink the information and data around us. His used a powerful way to convey his idea about how to deal with those overwhelming information which generated everyday.

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