Week 11_Reading Material

1. A World of Witnesses

In contemporary society, social media,such as Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare make everybody becomes a nomadic monitor. Ubiquity of mobile phones not only makes communication more easy than before, but also extend our own world, making more connection between individuals and public.

The topic “video abuse” remind me a film called “High tech, low life” which is a sort of documentary film about two citizen reporter in China. They difficultly became a reporter and blogger because they try to discuss some society hot spot in their public blog. They always take a camera or digital recorder to involve in complicated event as a common person and document it.


Mobile phones  as digital “witness” and surveillance


“Mobile phone also became the tool for organising the huge spontaneous demonstrations in the following days.”

“The second area where mobile technology is beginning to have a big impact is health care,especially in poor countries” .

“Soon mobile technology could play a large role in detecting, mapping and responding to epidemics.”

“Mobile phones are fast becoming the main communications tool,schoolbook, vaccination record, family album and many other things.”

“The third category is environmental monitoring”. [AirTEXT project is get information on air quality and subscribers receive alerts when pollution is forecast to spike.]

For some military meaning, “Mobile phones inside those passing cars would send information to a database. The signal would grow weaker as the distance from the source increases…”

I do like the project that conducted by Ghana who attached tiny pollution sensors to the phones of 15 taxi divers, and than he can draw a pollution map of city from these data.

2. “On the Record, All the Time”

According to this article, the first thing come to my mind is social media as a lifelogging play a real important roll in our daily life. “Many of them are documenting all their conversations, movements, ideas, and correspondence through audio recorders, digital cameras, GPS trackers, pedometers, brain scanners and other gadgets.” They really can completely shape someone’s life. (Foursquare:location, instagram: image, Facebook:social connection….)

Jim Gemmell said “one day glean information from our own lives the same way we now get information from Google.”

An new idea from Queen’s University at Kingston that is “a camera starts recoding when its wearer makes eye contact with a noter person…”. I think Google glasses is kind of this thing and I believe it will have these function s in very next future.

Social media provide us a platform which can keep our memory to be digitized memory, which incline to a tangiable lifestyle.

[SENSECAM-Alzheimer’s patients.]

“Audio lifelogging is socially taboo, legally treacherous, and, occasionally, emotionally jarring.”

“nostalgia effect”


Sergey Brin’s Favorite Google Glass Feature

Mr. Brin said his favorite feature is the time-lapse capability that lets him snap photos of his kids every 10 seconds when he is playing with them. “I never think about taking out my phone,” he said. “That would really be disruptive to my play time.”

Via The Wall Street Journal

Google Glasses 2-AR(Augment Reality)



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