Research Process in SP14-Week 3

Week 3:Jan.31th-Feb.5th

-Thesis Flowchart/Logic from Other’s Paper

In this week, I borrowed Taezoo Park’s Thesis Paper and DVD documentation. This is my first time to read a completed Graduate Student Thesis Project. It make me more clear to know how to build a thesis project and main aspects we should follow. In general, It would start from a interested theme, then do a deep and profound research and then accurately select some direct references. In the following step, we need to confirm our idea and make it specific and clear. That’s more important then other aspects, such as visual part, sound part, interactive part, because that is essential part of an artwork. Moreover, I need to resolve the technological  issue and do some tests. Finally, we need to think about the exhibition form and derivative stuffs from this work.

-Make a Thesis Schedule

I will make a thesis schedule from now, because time is very tight. I will  add/delete timeline based on my schedule and make everything is in a straight-forward process.

-Theme/Concept Confirmation

In this week, I was doing some work about confirming my thesis project theme. Last week, although I already said I found I am fascinated in space, big screen, illusion and installation, these are all kind of wide topics. Currently, I read some books and watched some films which are all recommended. I want to find the specific point that I will convey, in another word, the theme and the storytelling part is my first step whatever my work is abstract and narrative. They all need a story/structure inside. It’s kind of the core of whole work.

-Technology, Material, Research

Last weekend, I went to Chinatown and Greenwich Village and tried to find some light stores or LED light market which are common in China. It was like a “light material research field trip” of mine. However, I didn’t find a suitable one which can meet my curiosity, and I didn’t get some inspiration from there. Another, lights as a kind of material are expensive in New York, despite they are attractive, and many artists use them. I must do more exploration about that and I already sent email to a friend who is a light expert.

-Issue/Search for Solution

The thing is I felt the time is quite tight, but I am not quite sure the thing that I’m doing is right. That’s the big problem! Actually, I eagerly want to know how can we get the first step, what the schedule should be helpful. In my personal suggestion, could you display some thesis samples for us at class.(I think it is the purpose that you asked us to read thesis paper by other people.) , or introduce some experience stories of yours. I think that would be a good guide and inspiration to make us get more clear direction and have a more efficient work plan.

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