Week 4:Feb.5th – Feb. 12th


review my materials/reference and my proposals from last semester until now…

I must admit I’m a collecting-addicted guy in images, videos, books and many kinds of information. I collect images everyday from different channels, so I always have a big storage folder which is fun and rich. However, I found many innovated artworks, creative ideas, latest technology methods are update everyday. I definitely can’t catch all of them that make me even can’t focus on one specific topic and constantly develop it for a long time. From this week , I decide to slow down my tempo to review these current information, artwork references and inspiration, because if I continue to find more references, I may totally get lost in an more wide ocean and I can’t find my own direction. In the other hand, a amount of artwork references are kinda of overwhelming for me, because those artists and artwork which I choose are such successful and influential. I don’t want to see a big shadow in my own thesis work in the future.

I think these current materials and references are enough for me. I started to review them from the discussion activities: 3 WORDS OR PHRASES “CLUSTER” and INDEX(1ST) FOR THESIS which happened in the end of last semester. I reviewed the two presentation proposals which are “Artist Talk” and “Thesis Inspiration Presentation”. I realized I’m not that confused in my thesis topic, however, I found my favorite direction never be changed that is about spatial installation, body language and emotion, human’s perception in an immersive space.


The second thing I done in this week is make a category of my references including different aspects.

Form:wall piece,spatial installation,objects…

Materials: projection, 360  panorama projection,LED, OLED, Lights……

Text Description: Text reference about description of artwork

Visual Part: -motion sensors+camera+tracking-get real-time capture environment live feed;

-generate landscape shape employed human body and body language;

-video layers on/off effect controlled by human body;

Sound Part: reflective sound feedback in specific spot

Interactive Experience: -human body-time-left portrait-time-subtle transforming effect in colors, shapes, and density-think about the different viewpoint may watch a variable thing;

-tracking the direction of body language or tracking and analyzing facial expression to interact/make a reaction between audiences and work.




Space Construction:transparent fabric/voile may be contracted  in an intricate structure,kind of extend my pervious work Manufactured Landscape. 


Artwork Packaging: I think thesis project is more like a big project which should including the main object and some other Derived/related Works which may includes 3D printing objects,drafts, paintings, visual elements high-res printing works and mobile application. Although I’m not sure that which parts will be involved in, it is a worthing question to consider. I know it sounds like a huge project that generate a lot of stuff to do. Well, whatever which part I plan to accomplish, I still need to consider this question because of I always think whatever the work comes from a simply or a complicated idea, the completeness of an artwork is really really important.



(PS: When I saw a pervious thesis work of other student was disassembly abandon in our studio corner,I felt like very sad and regrettable.)


Timeline, following days, studio visiting, technology experiment, test……ing,Thesis iBook

Technology experiments before Feb.21:

-kinect tracking and impact visual effect

-tracking data from kinect and make delay portraits(Luckily, I’m learn this kind of tracking skill in my DDA elective class: performance.)

-IR sensor/motion sensors,force sensor, tracking software and hardware……(still not sure,purchase list in process)

-thesis iBook is my personal idea because I try to put all of stuffs including brainstorm reference, logical flow, inspirations, book note, research process, influential artwork and exhibition, technology test result, prototype and so on together which will make me more clear and more easy to show to my classmates and professor. I try to do it.

New books I read:

Staging Space by R. Klanten, L. Feireiss


Along Together by  Sherry Turkle

The vital of illusion by Jean Baudrillard

Stay tuned…

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