Thesis Research PROCESS IN SP14-WEEK 5

Inspiration from some recent exhibitions:

Doug Wheeler @David Zwirner

I have been David Zwirner Gallery to experience the wonderful light spatial installation work by Doug Wheeler. I think he create a fantastic and immersive environment, and the light that he used make the space looks mysterious and feel dizzy.


3D PrintShow

I saw many 3D printing piece, and sculptures at 3D PrintShow in New York, which just happened last week from Feb 13th-Feb 15th. The two pieces impressed me a lot! I love some landscape stuffs, and it inspired me to continue my interests and prolong my pervious ‘sound mountain’ concept, but maybe the new thing is employing body language to reconstruct the landscape shape, presenting kind of the urban landscape.


-Light Research (a little bit)

I really like some light installations. I’m still doing many different kinds of light and their work principles during this period.




Yesterday, Madeline Schwartzmanf gave us a great presentation of her book, See Yourself Sensing. She is very impressive, and has sensitive view of artwork whatever the digital art field or fine art. From her presentation and her book, I known more about how to do a real efficient and practical research based on one concept or topic but combine many other directions. This is my issue. I always feel lost in my own research. In studio critique , she said she likes my work, especially in visual part, but she suggests me to think about more on concept. Her point is that my artwork need a real specific and powerful concept inside. Yes, sometimes, when I explain my work, and explain some keywords that I concerned, such as Landscape, sound visualization, interactive and identity. She said it is great because I can clear to think about what I like and what I concern, but I need to make myself more clear about what the specific point you want to convey from your work, whatever the idea is big or small, smart or kind of “stupid”. If it is interesting and powerful, it will be explored by artists.

When I showed my Thesis Research Keynote to her, she gave us some suggestions. She think I already found what I like, what can be reference of mine. She recommend me to read more about the origin concept of these artwork references, because artwork is not only just something looks cool, but also have a strong and unique concept inside, like the soul. Yep, that should be very difficult to combine a great visual part and powerful concept together in an interactive spatial installation. Maybe due to her original education background is architectures,so she have an novel viewpoint of space. From her perspective, she think body is an extendable space and communication between people also form a new space. That inspired me to think further about space.

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