Kind of clear thesis idea after last weekend

Last week, I felt so frustrating, because I still confused about what is my specific idea/topic that I really concern and what’s kind of form that I should take and come up with in following one year. I’m fascinated in several areas in digital art field, such as 360 immersive space, spatial installation, light installation, big screen and so on. In term of topic, I also interested in some key fields, but kind of different  directions and can’t be combined , such as sound visualization, text interaction, light and color, body language, perception, immersive experience. etc. I found many references related to these keywords. I felt exciting in that time, but finally I found I’m totally lost and can’t find the favorite one.

At first, I try to figure out a “prefect” idea which can involved in all the parts what I concerned and be presented in a complete way whatever in visual part and technological/interactive part. Then, I realized that is a huge aim, kind of impossible. Especially in digital art field, new information in concept and technology update every second. We all can’t catch them all and I need time to digest those knowledges and information. It’s overwhelming!!

From last Wednesday, I met with Madeline. I started to reconsider what is the most important part of artwork, and what is the core concept of my thesis idea. Lack of powerful concept, work is just like a technology demonstration. (quota by Mindy) From there, I ask myself “why”and“why not” when an idea come out in my mind. In addition, last thursday, I talked with Liz, Liz pointed an important point for me: user experience. Yes! What’s kind of atmosphere/environment you want to create?(peaceful, playful, meditation, mysterious……); what’s feeling that you want to convey to your audiences from this work? Those are good questions!!

I organized all my inspiration materials. I make some categories as concept, technology, vision, interaction, new inspiration, sound and so on. Gradually, I found my idea become more and more clear, although I have to give up some of my favorite idea/concept, may separately put in another projects. Thesis project only need one main concept, otherwise I will get more and more confusing in following period. As I discussed with Mindy, this process is kind of painful, but it is necessary to make ourself more clear what I want and what’s important.

So, here.

Thesis Idea Abstract:

  • Core Concept: Using color spectrum as main visual elements to express the pass of time, and rethink the perception of human in their experience and this process, creating an new sensation of interaction, combined color spectrum and text/words with literature meaning.
  • Visual Aspect:-Color Spectrum, Gradual Change;Text/Words as main information architecture.
  • Form: Installation/Spatial Installation
  • Materials: LED Display, LCD Display, Projector; Super Veil(from book,Senseware by Kenya HARA),Fabric as screen;
  • Hardware&Software: Max/Msp, Processing, Arduino, Web-Camera(HD) (for tracking); Kinect/Faceshift for depth capture/detection; website-database for providing text(words) content; social media(twitter,facebook) for interaction platform;
  • Interaction:Audience visiting time-color-words accumulation-words/color subtle changing by time pass
  • Draft:photo 3 photo 1

    IMG_20140227_0001IMG_20140227_0002 IMG_20140227_0003IMG_20140227_0004IMG_20140227_0005




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