Preliminary Thesis Research Document Draft

Thesis Proposal:February 26, 2014

Chang Liu, DDA 617, Graduate Seminar II, Professor Liz White

Tentative Title: Slow River

Interactive Art MFA, Fall 2015(anticipated)


General Topic:

Slow River is a multimedia spatial and an interactive installation, and it seeks to detach the audience from “countable” time by providing optional contexts with subtle variations of natural color and independent pieces of literary text. 


Connected to time and sensory perception, my core concept is to create an immersive meditational environment for audiences, arousing new thoughts regarding their own passage through time, which goes along with a series of gradually changing colors. Color spectrum is also an expression of the natural landscape, which stands for time, climate and seasonal transitions. In addition, the text is provided as a new reading experience, reshaping the sensation of color and text. In term of interaction part, some unexpected things may happen in the interaction process, which is sort of a new understanding of audiences themselves. 


Slow River is a time-based and site-specific work. It may presented as multiple forms. I would like to provide the user experience with peaceful, mysterious and fantastic. The space may look like a luminous box. The visual part like lights is soft and transitive, blurring the boundary between physical world and virtual edge, as if the room is a surreal world which is totally separated with “outside world”.

Text is my main information architecture in this project, its content may come from a famous book/poem/article but be disintegrated in a few words or they consist of adjective vocabularies of characteristic and using for interactive part. 


My aim is to create a new sensation of interaction, combining the color spectrum and text/words with literature meaning. Based on those visual elements’ subtle changes, audiences can fell sort of sentimental emotion of time. 

Text, words, data information, color spectrum can be combined together to create a poetic space and arouse audiences’ thinking, deepen their sensory experiences.


The slow and subtle change entirely expressed the transition from vision to perception. This is a new sensory process, challenging the experience that you appreciate a painting work. The relationship between audiences and artwork is not only viewing, but also is a process that fact to yourself, exploring yourself, obverse yourself outside your body. As development of this project, it will be a profound discussion about believe of human and machine.


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