Note: Feb.27 In-Class Studio Visiting with Liz and class

Two Aspects:

Color Spectrum:

1.Think about what those specific color come from?

(from sunrise to sunset, or natural color from weather and season, or specific color picked up/collected from Brooklyn/NY neighborhood? anyway, color selection concept);

2.Do research about how can I transform one color to another which make people feel tranquilly and comfortable. (Principle of color spectrum and James Turrell)

3.How can I make the slow transforming of color?(Max or video loop, or chaining depend on audiences in real-time)


1.Database as symbolic form by Lev Manovich(PDF BOOK)

2.The Drawing Center in NYC()

Do like this piece and exhibition! (But it was down already!~)

3.Jenny Holzer(almost text work)

OMG! That’s what I want to see.

4.the cut up method of Brion Gysin


(Thanks! Liz!)


By the river Piedra. I sat down and wept by Paolo Coelho


(Thanks! Mindy!)

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