March 12-Midterm Studio Visiting Feedback

March 4,@3pm

Meeting with Peter Patchen:

1. He saw I want to make a kinda mysterious and luminous light box space. He suggest me to make an arch as my screen which looks like the picture that I shoot in David Zwirner Gallery in Doug Wheeler’s work space.

In addition, he said the text part maybe just scattered on the floor, and people can play with them by rise/fling them. And in another way, when these words come cross together, they maybe like magnet and connect to each other or become a new word.

Another way, Mindy said to me, if these words can stay in the middle of screen and floating in the air. That’s should be cool and make some sense of the specific words that participants made. (Good suggestion!)


arch draft 01


Pratt DDA GALLERY may look like this if I share with somebody.Image

Reference for this idea.

The most important thing that I need to do is find the real impressive content that I want to use in this project as the text content. He recommend that I go to re-read the A Lover’s Discourse Fragments by Roland Barthes in paper version and make note in the book. Then I can use this note combine the quotation from the book. That reflect my personal reading experience and share with my audience by this interactive work.

From Kate’s suggestion:

I talked my idea to her, and I think she is more impressive for my temporary name, Slow River. She said if I make my screen as shape as river, that could be more connect with the name. Although I even don’t know if I eventually will use this name or not, I still like this idea which fit my concept about passage of time as a long and slow river.


Here is the little draft and the reference of the river shape. Her suggestion remind me of the famous sculptor Richard Serra.


-Peter Patchen Vol.2

1.surreal world.

2.reading and watching which represent text and color are totally different two experiences for people.

3.As long as you ask people to add words, you have no control.

4.He recommend an artist, Ben Rubin whose work named Listening Post is quite useful for my work concept. That work transformed sound to text and display in LED digital output as an audiovisual installation.

Inspiration: why not just record the environment sound by audience and display the text(which generate by sound and convert to specific text by programming) in the screen.


March 5,@3pm

Meeting with Liubo:

1.mysterious space.

2.User add words by sound?

4.text floating in the air(hologram)

6.physical light is better than projector, and more easy to complish the atmosphere because projector always be a rectangle.

7.How people doing with text?

8.separat element: color and text

9.color is more easier and directly

  1. text: the content is high level.
  2. people gonna to read it definitely.
  3. meaning of small text unit
  4. what’s the interaction process.
  5. when texts connect to each other. poetic.
  6. pure. simply . profound. / many layers of thesis
  7. encourage to think content. why you choose this book??
  8. what is your making? you don’t need to like someone else’s work
  9. play words and create sentence is completely different thing. like a game.
  10. text is meaningful for you.
  11. is the story or is the game. how do I get back the meaning? fragments from the story,
  12. If It is game. it is a completely different thing ,design interaction more than the story. Happy words. What’s kind of word I can give them?
  13. more visual part about the text. -not only effect, design experience.
  14. think about more beyond the effect, maybe more layers in work, beyond technology. use technology to do sth that visually very interesting and make them happy or think by this work.
  15. Liubo said I recommend don’t just use text as  graphic element.


March 6,@10am

Meeting with Linda:


  1. fluid liquid motion
  2. cloud. replace particles.
  3. Light box when people stand outside of my installation room.
  4. blur the boundary between real world and virtual world. I almost said to every teacher that I want to do sth like that.
  5. Linda ask me why I use “a lover’s discourse frangment” and why I use English. She let me pay attention to language and what kind of language, what language is matter for me.
  6. We mentioned Xu Bing who is a Chinese Famous Artist and famous by his work “Tianshu” which tranform the shape from Chinese Character to English Letter.
  7. She don’t think I need to make some words that culturelly yours. Since your working with language, it’s an obvious thing and an obvious question, because
  8. arbitrary. ramdom.
  9. Bible Story about language. but it is too difficult for me to understand and even put in my words.
  10. transform from inspiration to my own work
  11. the words themselves abstract. don’t need the book. don’t have to repeation.
  12. text only as visual element. maybe they moving, flickring..

13.josef albers.

14.color transition-color spectrum.

15.form depends on the movement. like river.

16.Maybe there is a way to make the movement through the space. the audience’s movement reflect in term of the physics, flow liquid flow. or air flow.

17.fluid dynamics


  1. the liquid itself matters.
  2. keep the color simply
  3. text as the texture, and I will try the fluid movement by color and texture. it is particles. text become the particles.
  4. explore more before you decide, in term of the content of words, you need very careful what you choose.
  5. make audience inspired, vine and blood.
  6. good solid aestheic sense, instinct, not doing choose sth that you can’t manage.
  7. simply, not complicated. dig and deepen. make
  8. not a day. lifelong

March 6,@10am

Meeting with Andy:

Andy: about carol diez‘s work

2.Andy is very nice and he said he gonna introduce a light designer to me and I can inquire some questions about light environment.


March 7,@1:30pm

Meeting with Bryan:

1.audience is exploration the space. like paint floor. when you go into this room, everything  is normal. but when you touch. you can find you own sound and words.

inspiration: people use temporary sensor, and use their body language to build a text wall. people didn’t even know they already participant.

2. web-based work.

3.make a small room that more easy, and people go into this room, like go to explore sth.

4.text is more familiar to us. when you do some language in to a visually world. people will go quickly to the language part. cuz hard to understand. read them. easy to let us to know what’s you want to tell me.

5.Changllen your language. abstraction. Changyu Chen’s combination. use text in a strange way, Xu Bing.

7.text floating in the air. maybe here, maybe there. explore by audience

8.light is mysterious, but text is too direct. Text should be mysterious too if I gonna use light as a supplymental thing.


March 7,@3pm

Meeting with Carla:

1.color represent text/data.

Laurie Frick your color and text system

3.Bang Geul Han.

4.logic is important.

5.Data site.

6.Data = key your color system from the text which as the data source. text may don’t have to show up.

8.Metaphor between color and text visualization:jonathan harris-we feel fine

we feel fine


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