April 2: Thesis Progress

-Summary of last week:


  • anthony mccall line describing a cone
  • distance between urban and country, between peace and noise, between physically have and psychologically have, between concrete map and abstract emotion
  • specific interactive effect I need design for audience that convey my idea about distance.


-collection work of this week:

My concern about pollution in China, especially the pollution haze&fog in Beijing. I start to collect my pictures/visual materials which come from newspaper and website as the daily report of mine. I‘m not gonna use them directly for sure, but it’s have straight relationship with my video content and very important archive for my thesis project.




In addition, these are particles of haze through microscope. Some one said “It’s terrible.”, “It is disgusting!!!” Something like that, but civilization still need breath this kind of air in Beijing even they saw those picture already. They have no choice. I feel sad. I think I will add this element as one of visual effect to express what’s my thinking and feeling.


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